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What is the difference between lamp brands?

Read the explanation below, or watch the video

Genuine OEM brand projector lamp:

Lamp part numbers that start with "ORG"

When money is no object and your projector is under manufacturers warranty; this is the option of some. This is the original manufacturers projector lamp that comes in a projector manufacturers branded box with brand logo, branded instructions and marketing material. This is the exact same replacement lamp and packaging you would receive if ordered directly from the original projector manufacturer. Unquestionable lamp fit and quality. Some come complete with installation tools, accessories or filters.

Hybrid brand projector lamp:

Lamp part numbers that start with "HYB" and "HYBX"

When you want the original manufacturers brand quality but not pay the brand name price; get the hybrid brand. This complete lamp module uses the same brand bulb (usually Philips or Osram), as the original manufacturer. The case, which in most cases simply holds the bulb in place, may or may not be made by the same manufacturer. The projector lamp replacement comes in an unbranded box, but the bulb inside will have the same manufacturers markings as the original. Besides being a much less expensive lamp, it also carries a longer warranty, of 180 days (HYB Brand) or 2 years (HYBX brand).

Generic brand projector lamp:

Lamp part numbers that start with "GEN"

When you want the least expensive lamp that will work in your projector; order the generic. This projector lamp is designed to fit and work in your projector as the original, but are not made with any OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components. This brand is sometimes described as an "alternate or compatible" brand. They have the same warranty as the genuine OEM brand lamp of 90 days.

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