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Do projector bulbs go bad on the shelf?

Do Projector bulbs go bad on the shelf?

The short answer is “no”. Projector lamps do not go “bad” sitting on the shelf. These projector bulbs are designed to withstand very harsh temperature and pressure changes while operating in the projector. Sitting on the shelf will not cause the lamp to lose any of its potency.

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Getting the longest life from your projector lamp

When you buy your projector lamp you quickly realize why you will do almost anything to extend its life. The cost of these bulbs range from about $250.00 and to over $1000.00 per module.

Follow these tips to make your projector lamp last longer

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Recycling projector lamps

Recycling Projector Lamps


The electronics industry faces a barrage of criticism to make itself more environmentally friendly - reduction of toxins, recycled content such as mercury and heavy metals, expended-product management and factory take-back.

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Projector Replacement Lamp Life

Projector replacement lamp life is not an absolute. Projector companies give the bulbs an average rating and that is exactly what the rating is – based on an average. The standard lamp life for most projector lamps and bulbs is rated for 2000 hours, but there are no guarantees your projector replacement lamp will make it to 2000 hours. You may get less but you may get even more.
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Sony KDFE42A10 Projector Lamp Replacement Tips

How to Install Your New XL-2400 Lamp into Your Sony KDFE42A10 Projector Even though your Sony KDFE42A10 projector’s original lamp provides approximately 4,000 hours of lamp life, eventually there comes the time to replace your projector’s lamp.
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Sony KF50WE620 Projector Lamps Replacement Tip

Even though your Sony KF50WE620 projector’s original lamp provides 2000 hours of lamp life, eventually there comes the time to replace your projector’s lamp. Replacing your XL-2100U or XL-2100 lamp is very simple, but we understand it can be a bit intimidating if you haven’t done so before.
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Mitsubishi HC910 Projector Lamp Options

Mitsubishi projector lamps are available in a variety of brands. We have customers ask us frequently “is the original Mitsubishi lamp better?” This is the answer I give them that details the differences.
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HC910 - Great Projector Replacement Lamp

Mitsubishi HC910 Lamp – Why It’s a Great Projector Replacement Lamp

The Mitsubishi HC910 lamp is a great lamp for replacing!  At the LC0910 (also known as the VLT-HC910LP lamp) is one of our most popular projector replacement lamps.
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Projector Lamp Maintenenace Tips

Projector Replacement Lamp - Top Maintenance Tips


Projector lamp maintenance is a way to extend the life of your lamp to its maximum life potential.
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