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Truth about projector lamp warranties

Warranties on projector lamps



Warranties on projector lamps are not as important as you would think

Projector lamp suppliers offer a variety of warranties for their projector lamps. We do as well. Most being about 120 days. The original manufacturers projector lamp modules are usually about 90 days.That’s enough for most people. The truth is, if you are going to use your lamp right away, you will know if it's a defective lamp within the 1st two weeks of use. After that "break in" period, the lamp will last however long it was designed to last; 2000, 3000, 4000 or more hours. Very little can go wrong with the lamp as most (not all) have no moving parts.

How can you tell if your projector lamp is defective?

Your projector or TV lamp when properly installed is either:

  • On and working normally. If the lamp lights up, it should be very bright. Brighter than the one you replaced, if the old was used for any length of time. Some people will complain of a "burning" smell as soon as the new lamp is turned on. This may just be dust that was dislodged during the installation process. Other more serious problems can also cause this burning smell, such as a pinched wire. This will short out the lamp unit and sometimes melt the socket. Very bad.

  • Off. The projector or TV does not come on at all and there may be a message or error code on the projector pointing to a lamp problem. An obvious defect. Make sure you have removed and reinstalled the lamp and it is seated correctly in the projector. Also make sure that the access door is properly secured as the projector or TV will not start if not.

  • Dim. This is a less obvious defective lamp. It started, but it is noticeably dimmer than the last lamp that was in there. Although this is not a common problem, it does happen. We generally see this in lamps that are "generics or compatibles". If you get one, make sure to contact your supplier and get a replacement. These lamps will dim over time. but they should be nice and bright when first installed.

A long warranty is really only necessary when you plan on keeping the lamp as a spare. Unless you are a school or other high volume user of projector lamps, you probably do not need a spare. The projector will give you a warning when it is time to replace your lamp. If you want to keep one handy anyway, we suggest that you install the new lamp when you get it, and keep the old one as a spare. This gives you the maximum value on your warranty.
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