Fake Panasonic Projector Bulbs

Posted by John Reilly on 4/12/2015 to Tips and tricks for projectors
Fake Panasonic Projector Bulbs
Be suspicious of Panasonic projector lamps that do not come in genuine Panasonic brand packaging. Panasonic is unique among other projector manufacturers when it comes to their projector lamps. Unlike other projector brands that depend on others, such as Philips, Osram and Ushio to manufacturer their projector lamps; Panasonic manufactures their own.

Proper Projector Lamp Maintenance

Posted by Jack on 10/31/2013 to How to install your projector lamp
When an average projector operates, it produces a lot of heat. To ensure the lamp operates efficiently, the heat must be removed. Projectors have fans that force air around the various components. The fans are useful, but the air generally has dust and various particles, so the air must be filtered. When the air is not filtered, the dust will build around the components, and it will insulate the projector. Insulation keeps the heat in the device, and this will damage the lamp. Proper maintenance of the filters, however, prevents this problem; filter damage is not covered by the warranty.

How Projector Lamps Work

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Projector lamps are an intricate technological marvel that has enabled advances in the way images are displayed and conveyed to a group or audience. These lamps are comprised of 5 main components that, when working cohesively, will produce the desired effect. These are an ARC tube, mercury vapor, electrical wiring, quartz globe reflector, and plastic housing.

Do projector bulbs go bad on the shelf?

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Do Projector bulbs go bad on the shelf?

The short answer is “no”. Projector lamps do not go “bad” sitting on the shelf. These projector bulbs are designed to withstand very harsh temperature and pressure changes while operating in the projector. Sitting on the shelf will not cause the lamp to lose any of its potency.

Getting the longest life from your projector lamp

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When you buy your projector lamp you quickly realize why you will do almost anything to extend its life. The cost of these bulbs range from about $250.00 and to over $1000.00 per module.

Follow these tips to make your projector lamp last longer

Mitsubishi HD1000U Projector Lamp Replacement Tips

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How to Install Your New VLT-HC910LP Lamp into Your Mitsubishi HD1000U Projector.
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