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Although the Epson brand has only been around since 1975, the parent company Seiko has been in business since 1881. Even then Seiko was involved with the manufacturing and sales of clocks and watches.

When Epson into being 100 years later, they were known for their printers, but not their projectors. Epson's first projector was created 20 years later in 1995. The Epson ELP-3000 is an LCD projector and was considered one of the brightest projectors in that small size. Although the life span of most projectors is less than 10 years, we continue to sell the replacement lamp for that Epson model up into 2013.

Epson has come a long way in the design and manufacturing of Projectors from the Epson ELP-3000 with its designed 250 Lumens to the latest Epson Powerlite Pro Z8255NL XGA at 10,0000 lumens. They offer dozens of projector models, that are used in the home, classroom, boardrooms and large venues.

Epson projectors are quite popular now and have a very high degree of quality. We see a lot of these projectors being used in schools where most of the users are happy with the low cost of the projectors and the performance.

There has been some concern with the low lamp life on some of the 1080p models, mostly used by home users. Although there is some speculation that these projectors are not being used in an ideal location. All projectors need room to "breathe" and if a projector is installed in a cramped spot, such as in a cabinet or bookcase, the lamp may suffer from overheating. It's important to maintain a good clean environment for the projector, as the buildup of dust and dirt will certainly promote a shorter lamp life in your Epson projector.

Epson projector lamps are clearly marked with the Epson brand name on the outside of the box. The standard warranty on Epson projector lamps is 90 days from the manufacturer. Distributors such as can usually offer you an extended warranty for these lamps, free of charge.

Epson has always been closely associated with the EPA and makes significant effort on reducing global pollution. Epson encourages you to dispose of all projector lamps properly and by your states law. These projector lamps contains some heavy metals including trace amounts of mercury. They are not designed to be sent into a landfill.

Epson continues to develop cutting edge visual presentation equipment. The Moverio B-100 is a personal presentation system designed to be used by an individual and runs off the android platform. The setup looks like 3D glasses that connect directly to your smart phone. You can privately watch 3D animation or movies without someone leaning over your shoulder. The best part is, no replacement lamps needed.
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