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Osram and Philips bare projector bulb code description

If you have a projector than you are using a projector lamp module. Inside that module is an Osram or Philips bulb.
The bulbs made by these companies are generally considered "original" bulbs. Sometimes that word is tossed around a lot to convince people they are buying a genuine original lamp module when they are not. The bulb itself is only one component of the lamp module.
OK, Here is the breakdown of the lamp code and how you know if you are getting a real original bulb (not module). We will use the codes UHP 180-150 1.0 P22 and P-VIP 300/1.3 E22.5 as examples
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Recycling projector lamps

Recycling Projector Lamps


The electronics industry faces a barrage of criticism to make itself more environmentally friendly - reduction of toxins, recycled content such as mercury and heavy metals, expended-product management and factory take-back.

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Projector Replacement Lamp Life

Projector replacement lamp life is not an absolute. Projector companies give the bulbs an average rating and that is exactly what the rating is – based on an average. The standard lamp life for most projector lamps and bulbs is rated for 2000 hours, but there are no guarantees your projector replacement lamp will make it to 2000 hours. You may get less but you may get even more.
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