Proper Projector Lamp Maintenance

Posted by Jack on 10/31/2013 to How to install your projector lamp
When an average projector operates, it produces a lot of heat. To ensure the lamp operates efficiently, the heat must be removed. Projectors have fans that force air around the various components. The fans are useful, but the air generally has dust and various particles, so the air must be filtered. When the air is not filtered, the dust will build around the components, and it will insulate the projector. Insulation keeps the heat in the device, and this will damage the lamp. Proper maintenance of the filters, however, prevents this problem; filter damage is not covered by the warranty.

Mitsubishi HD1000U Projector Lamp Replacement Tips

Posted by John on 8/19/2010 to How to install your projector lamp
How to Install Your New VLT-HC910LP Lamp into Your Mitsubishi HD1000U Projector.
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