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Many people will need to replace their projection bulbs at some point; however, the process can be a bit confusing. The issue involves understanding the components of the device, such as the burner, module, lamp, and connectors. Understanding of these elements is important when purchasing a projector lamp. Customers are often confused and frustrated because most companies do not sell the complete lamp module. By understanding the components, you will know what to search for when you go shopping.

Projector lamp is the industry’s term for projector lamp module. A burner, reflector, housing, and connectors, are found in the standard level design.

Now that you understand what a lamp module is, you can make better shopping choices. Another issue, however, that challenges shoppers is deciding to buy a Manufacturer, Compatible, or Original Lamp. A lamp that is produced by the original manufacturer is a manufacturer original replacement lamp. The general lamp has the same production standards of the projector. Professional companies offer original lamps for all projectors.

Compatible lamps are often called gray market imports; they have no warranties, and there is no manufacturing standard. These types of lamps are made by companies that are not regulated. The lamps are offered in boxes without labels, and the prices are often low.

A cost-effective alternative to manufacturer lamps are original alternative lamps. They have the same standards as original lamps. Each lamps is manufactured in an environment that is quality-controlled. The lamps have high performance levels, and the prices are very reasonable.

Important Things to Consider When Installing the Lamp

When a new lamp is installed on a projector, resetting the lamp hour counter may be required. Newer bulbs are the best options; however, if you use a refurbished bulb, it helps to understand the risks. The most important thing shoppers should know is that professional companies do not sell lamps without a plastic housing. Because of this, shoppers need to be careful; shoppers should always ask if the lamp is a manufacturer original.

Warranty concerns can also be an issue. Each lamp manufacturer uses a precise process for parts. These parts should not be taken apart and refurbished because the lamps were not designed for this. If a module has been disassemble, professionals with the proper training can have issues reassembling the module. The overall performance of your projector could also be reduced if a refurbished lamp is used; refurbished modules can also void the warranty.

Mercury gas is found in projector lamps. The mercury can escape if the bulb is damaged during replacement. When a bulb has been replaced, mercury is generally found in the lamp’s plastic housing. Such an occurrence is a concern because there are health risks.

High temperatures affect the lamp module when it is in use; only replacing the bulb will not increase overall performance. The only way to increase the efficiency is by buying a new lamp. The lamps’ electrical supply is affected by the wear-and-tear of the connectors. When this happens, the display will flicker.

Successful removal of dust that builds around the bulb and module is challenging. This task is so tough that even an experienced engineer has issues. Extra heat is retained on the dust particles; air flow is also disrupted. These problems cause the projector to malfunction or overheat.
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