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Q:What is the "Hybrid" brand lamp?
A: Most projector lamps are constructed of a reflector type bulb in a plastic, metal or composite lamp assembly or case. The Hybrid brand lamp uses the OEM's (original equipment manufacturer's) bulb in a generic or aftermarket case. This bulb is usually a Philps or Osram bulb. These are the 2 manufacturers that make most of the lamps used in new projectors today. Hybrid lamps have the same guarantee as the original manufacturers lamp.
Q: What is a "Generic" brand lamp?
A: A generic lamp is basically a copy of the original manufacturers lamp, but does not use any of the original manufacturers primary componants (bulb or case). These lamps are designed to perform the same as the original manufacturers lamp and are carry the same guarantee.
Q: Do you refurbish old projector lamps?
A: No. All of our projector lamps are constructed at the lamp manufacturers factory. We do not repackage old lamp cases or housings with new bulbs.
Q: Do you supply bare bulb replacements?
A: Yes. We can supply original and generic bare bulbs, although they are not available on this website. Please call us at 866-470-9877 for additional information.
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